The Masterclass program is a continuation of our basic program of 4 Hours. Within 4 hours program, you have been given a description of the masterclass that will be performed by our guest speakers.

Classes are more specific to the titles to be delivered. A deeper topic of discussion and aims to achieve broad understanding. The speakers are experts in their respective fields with extensive experience both internally and internationally.



Camelia Bte Tan Sri Yaacob

Serial Entrepreneur, Word of Mouth Marketing Strategist, Trainer and International Speaker

The owner and founder of Gemala Sari Couturier specialised in Songket (Malay Traditional apparel and fabric)
WITH A BACKGROUND OF MORE THAN two decades operating and managing her own business, Camelia Tan Sri Ya’acob is a self-made successful serial-entrepreneur. Presently she is the founder and CEO of ROOTWOMMERS, a company specializing in 2 powerful modern income generator i.e. Word of mouth marketing and Connecting Networks for SME companies in Malaysia and Singapore. Entrepreneurs who do follow her systems will experience high profitability in a shorter frame of time.

She has been invited to be a speaker at business summits, conducts master classes at international conferences like WIEF and gives the talk to business communities.

Presently she is the Chairman of Iskandar Space Builder summit project jointly made up of Rootwommers Sdn Bhd, Iskandar Investment Berhad, and Today she is a strong advocate for Connecting Networks and together with her team she specializes in cross-connecting B2B and B2C markets from any network.