About us

Our story

UsahawanJohor.com is a platform that uniquely identifies and recognizes entrepreneurs and grows your business using digital technologies.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, we know there are things we could and should be doing differently in our business. But we are so busy running a business, we are simply haven’t had time to figure out what we should be doing next. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to Usahawan Johor accelerator and startup launch program for your business growth using digital marketing tools.

Our Objective

  • Bringing and guiding entrepreneurial participation, equality and self-reliance.
  • Enhancing entrepreneurs to moderate levels in trade, services and industries.
  • Provide adequate funding and capital support infrastructure to assist their business journey.
  • Provide entrepreneur support programs such as training, provision of information centers, promotions and so on.

Our Mission

As a social entrepreneur with a pioneering in digital marketing model in Johor, our mission is to create an open-minded learning environment that brings together people, cultures and ideas from around the world, in order to transform individuals and organisations through business education. Through teaching, we develop responsible, thoughtful leaders and entrepreneurs who create value for their organisations and their communities. Through research, we expand the frontiers of knowledge and influence business practice.